As of 8/1/2021 in Alabama it is now legal to purchase up to 864 oz of beer to take home - this includes 1/6 kegs!

1/6 kegs hold 661oz (~55 12oz servings) and are a great choice for larger events.

Our inventory of sixtels changes all the time. We are more likely to have our 5 flagships (Rebellion, T-Minus, Cheatin' Heart, Belgian White, and Midnight Special) in stock and ready to go on short notice as opposed to specific seasonal beers. The best way to find out what beers we have available is to ask! It is not required to give us advanced notice when you want to buy a keg but we are more likely to be able to get the beer you want if you do. For questions, you can call our office at (256)489-9531 or email

You will need to have some way to serve the beer -- whether it be a kegerator or a party pump. We only supply the beer!

All purchases will include a keg deposit that will be refunded when you return the empty keg with your original receipt.

Purchases must be made in person. You must be at least 21 years of age with a valid ID. 


Keg Deposit: $80.00

Flagships/Standard Seasonal Beers: $100.00

Barrel-Aged Beers: $130.00

Fruited/Specialty Beers: $115.00